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Heading to new grounds...

The exigencies at the HR departments are increasing rapidly – all the same whether in medium-sized businesses or in corporate groups –: reorganisations are to be implemented and staffed more and more rapidly, the measures to take must show an immediate effect, the corresponding down-sizing processes are to be realized even leaner, the recruiting process must become even more efficient and the employees more effective…

This means in detail for HR: It is indispensable to become even more efficient and faster in initiating and realizing the HR-backed steps. And within HR the organisation must be designed even more effectively.

...and how to leap to save ground?

In such cases MPBK supports you actively in designing your processes in the HR department; it is not only the point of expertise in the processes as such, but also the know-how transfer and the enthusiasm for the new direction: In the end people’s work is structured and designed efficiently, the staff is integrated and the results are convincing.

The solution

MPBK works on a project basis; this may be in form of project leadership or interim management. The benefit is clearly on your hand: You gain instantly know how and experience on time. And: Solutions can be approached at once.

MPBK develops smart approaches regarding complex questions in the HR department. In the end the solutions are sustainable for everyday use, for example the reporting of robust data in real time or strengthening confidence by operating IT-backed processes. At the same time the communication and the dialogue are being looked after and strengthened.